About Us

Planning your trip
can be really simple
and interesting

The idea of creating this service was born recently when we faced the problem of planning a trip which would be the most interesting from the touristic point of view.We wanted to make a route which will capture the most beautiful and interesting places in the area.

This is a new service that allows you to plan a really interesting trip. True culturally enriching trip.Enter the city you plan to visit, build a route and get points on a map or in a list, which are close to the route and just go, and see them!

This service is not just about building a route. It allows you to optimize your route so that you could visit the largest number of points of interest. Imagine if you could know all the sights nearby your route, the time needed for seeing them and the history and significance of this places.You just can choose the most interesting and significant spots and skip the unnecessary for you.And it is fast. You don’t have to surf many websites with places of interest in each region or country. Hereyou already have all of them.

Interesting spots and sights are divided into few categories, so you can select the category or few that are more attractive for you. The spots which are shown are located within 70 km from the route which is selected on the map, so you can easily edit this route in accordance with places you want to see. You can choose the places, add them to favorites, and then print the route with chosen places. Also you can share your routes with friends, rate and comment them. It might be very useful for you and people like you, who love to travel.

Even if you do not know where to go, the service will still be useful for you. Get directions, see what are the most interesting - and go traveling.

So, enjoy your trip planning, it’s fun, get educated with the new places you will visit and share with friends. Come on! Shake your Trip!