TripShaker app is a free offline travel helper
right in your pocket.

It lets you save your previously planned trip,
downloads the entire trip, sites, venues and weather data,
and then keeps you informed and navigates you
in offline mode.

TripShaker Planner TripShaker Available on the App Store

Trip Logo

Each trip has its own
route, which appears
to be a trip logo.
Recognizable and
informative at the same

All waypoints and places
in a single itinerary

Point-to-point distances
and durations

Total duration and distance
to each point on the way

Schedule Easily

Offline-available itinerary
with approximate calculation of distances,
durations between sites and weather

Visualized Itinerary

Rotate your iPhone clockwise
to see trip data on the map with weather
forecast and brief site previews.

Mapbox map

Fast and beautiful vector maps engine.

Be Aware

Useful offline data on each place
of itinerary: site description, rating, weather
forecast and venues nearby.

Places Ratings

See places ratings, rate by yourself and help
to improve TripShaker database at the same time.

5-days weather forecast

Save weather forecast for each place to decide
whether to attend it. Even offline.

Obvious Weather Icons

Navigate On-The-Go

Rotate your iPhone couterclockwise
to get compass directions
in augmented reality. Even offline.

Venues nearby each place

Find the best venue for a meal after attending
the place on the way. With Foursquare assistance.

All travel plans
in palm of your hand

Summary for each trip:
places to visit, total time
and distance

Trips In Cloud

All of your ever planned trips
in one storage.
Ready to view, share
or to go to.

Easy To Start

Brief tutorial how to use the app
and all of the TripShaker services.