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The worldknown Hungarian ceramics and successful business with a history of over 150 years

In the city of Pecs, southern Hungary, a world-famous Zsolnay factory is situated. It was founded in 1853 and specializes in the production of ceramic products. Throughout its history, the company has invested a lot of resources into development of technologies and experiments with materials. The top results of this development are: pyrogranite and eosin, which have brought worldwide fame to the factory.

Pyrogranite was developed and launched in manufacturing in 1886. This is a special technology of production of decorative ceramics under the influence of high temperatures, which makes the product resistant to any kind of temperature and weather effects. So pyrogranite has become a popular material for interior and exterior decorative works, in particular for decorating fireplaces and roofs. Surely you’ve noticed the bizarre multi-colored roofs of some Hungarian historical buildings — all of them are decorated with pyrogranite. Among them are: Matthias Church, the building of the Hungarian Parliament, the Museum of Applied Arts, Institute of Geology and many others.

The second, perhaps even more famous technology of Zsolnay factory is eosin. Eosin process was introduced in 1893, and since then many ceramic companies are using this technology. The specific characteristic of ceramics, made in accordance with eosin process is the red shade that original material acquires after treatment (the name: in Greek mythology, Eos — goddess of the dawn). Over time, the technology of production was refined, and the range of colors of eosin glaze was enriched with green, blue and purple.

Zsolnay factory is a good example of how investment in technology and development of a unique product quality can lead to success in business: Zsolnay in 1914 was the largest company of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Two world wars caused serious damages to production, and the Communists, who came to Hungary in 1948 nationalized the company. Since then and until 1982 Zsolnay factory was producing simple stuff for the table appointments under the brand «Porcelain Factory of Pécs.» Nowadays the company is prospering again and grows its production volumes. In particular, the contract with the Swedish company IKEA contributes this.

To get acquainted with the rich heritage of the name Zsolnay it is best to visit the city of Pécs. Except the factory there are also Zsolnay Museum and Zsolnay Cultural District.

Zsolnay Museum is open every day except Monday, from 10:00 to 18:00. The cost is about 5 euros. Museum on TripShaker:

Zsolnay Cultural District is open every day (visiting of district is free, but different exhibitions have their own tariffs and time of visit, so it is better to check on the official website: District on TripShaker:

Zsolnay factory:

Fountain Zsolnay in Pécs:

Pecs, Hungary

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