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Palace near Balaton lake in baroque style

On the west shore of Lake Balaton, in Hungary, 160 km from Budapest, lies the town of Keszthely. Which is the oldest of all the cities around the lake. In this small town you can find some historic buildings even today, but the main attraction is considered the baroque palace, which was built in the middle of the XVIII century. In Russian it’s called «The Palace of Festetics,» while in English both names are correct: «Festetics Palace» and «Helikon Castle». The name of the palace comes from a noble family, who built it, and to whom it later belonged.

The palace was built according to samples of French mansions and is one of the largest in Hungary. Members of the Festetics family were known not only as creators and owners of such a grandiose building, they were also actively participating in support of science and art, and also opened Europe’s first agricultural school.

The decoration inside is just as luxurious as the exterior. As family members are actively engaged in the arts, palace interiors today make it possible to observe the world of the Hungarian nobility of XVIII-XIX centuries. Library is considered to be the most beautiful room and the main value. Here you can find the only preserved in its original form private collection of books, numbering about one hundred thousand tomes (!!!). The main rarities of the library are the first printed books, unique engravings, notes with original autographs.

Today in the palace a variety of events for the elite is being hosted: balls, charity concerts, conferences and receptions. This palace was built on the basis of a single construction project and a breakdown of the park, as the other French and English mansions. So the nearby area with fountains is also well maintained and very beautiful.

In the palace a variety of museums and exhibitions are open to visitors, both permanent and temporary. Separately, you can see a greenhouse at the cost of 500 forints, or weapons museum for the same price. But it’s best to take the overall ticket, which includes a survey of all the exhibitions and facilities. The cost of such a ticket — 1750 HUF, which is less than 6 euros.

Opening hours:
1.06-30.09 from 9:00 to 18:00 + on Saturdays and Wednesdays from 19:00 to 24:00
1.10-31.05 from 10:00 to 17:00, Monday — closed

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Keszthely, Hungary

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