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TripShaker –
effective trip planner

These days we’ve launched TripShaker – web service, which allows you to plan the travel route with the biggest number of places of interest. So that it is a service for travelers who want to get everything at once.

The principle of work is very simple: choose the city you want to visit - and TripShaker builds the route and shows sights nearby. For each place you can get brief information, photos and a link to the site, if there is one. Everything that is liked the user "adds" to favorites and can then print out his own list.

Frankly, the idea was ​​lying on the surface, and why we could not invent it before? :) It was born very simply.

We wanted to go to Europe by car to see some cities, and to get maximum impressions. But here's the problem: the internet has lots of sites about travelling that offer already made routes, or boring reviews of countries and cities in a whole, or a huge database of information. And to digest it in one sitting is basically impossible.

To plan the route and to decide which cities and places to visit you have to spend not one evening on it.

To surf several web-sites (Google maps, Tripadvisor, guides and different touristic sites), collect interesting links, count the routes and distances you get. It is a titaniс work. And most of services give information only on cities not taking into account the interesting places that are along the roads or in remote places. And even if there is information about the place – you have to search coordinates on the map separately.

We were to lazy to waste so much energy on it. The route for our holidays was simple, including the most popular cities. And the spare time we decided to invest in creation of web-service Tripshaker.

We don’t want to claim that there are no such services. Maybe there are. And for sure there are remotely similar. But we didn’t find services with the same algorithm of work. If we have found it we for sure should not create ours. ;)

Inspired by the original idea we started the project. A simple engine, which is based on Google maps we made during one evening in march. It displayed a route and points from the database. And the rest of the time we spent on finding interesting places and putting them on the map, searching photos and filling the info to prepare a user interface. We had to attract mates to fill in the database for more than 20 000 points. .

As a result in the middle of May there was a first, very simple beta version of the product, which is able to build a route and allows the user to save it, and then - print.

The tripshaker’s link became public by accident. We sent it to our friend who is journalist to test if it would be interesting to publish it on site. Our link was published immediately  And we had to edit press release and fill contacts in a rush.

As a result - the site for one day attracted more than 900 people and they left almost 90 likes. The most inspired found the facebook page that was not even launched yet, and Liked even there!

Of course, mainly (87%) it is Ukrainian Internet audience (a news site that posted a link is Kiev’s). Let's not kid ourselves: the share of Ukrainian market - is a drop in the ocean. We have English interface not by chance - we plan to attract people from all over the world and we believe in the success of our campaign.

Tripshaker has a good future. It will help people who love travelling with good efficiency. And to get maximum impressions with minimal cost.

The service is perfect for people who love to travel by land transport. Car, motorcycle, bicycle or even hitchhiking give freedom of movement. And you can explore the county, without being attached to the guides or excursions. TripShaker, in fact, is the link between desires and capabilities of any tourist. It demonstrates the connection between the length of the route and the number and quality of interesting places to visit.

TripShaker is a tour operator of new generation, which works on principle “do on your own”. Internet gave an enormous opportunity for travelling. Even for such lazybones as we are. Today you can come to European city and while drinking bear in a pub get all the offers from hotels around, choose the best, and in half an hour take shower at hotel. And then while having a cocktail see the list of interesting places to visit checking photos and comments of friends.

Floppy tour operators don’t do this. What can they offer? Standard scenario: "Day 1. Transfer from the airport, walk. Day 2. Excursion. Blab bla bla. Day N. Transfer to the airport. " Any changes? Then do your holiday yourself or pay even more. It is much more efficient and cheaper to plan your trip independently, using reliable sources of recommendations. TripShaker collects them together and filters out the most interesting and accessible.

Our service gives you an opportunity not only to build route, but also to use the experience of other users. Trip routes and lists of sights can be saved and shared with friends. In the nearest future user will be able to see and rate the saved routes. It means that TripShaker will be the source of ideas for rich and democratic travels.

We launched Facebook page which will form the community of people who like getting knowledge about the world the same ways of as we do.

Why do we do this?

First of all - inspiration. Good, useful idea that can make the world better. At least our world is already better with it. :)

Second, interest. Attempt in a new sphere: it is a good experience and training for brain.

Third, of course, we want to get profit of it. We believe in the success of this service, and its monetization is quite obvious: from the commission for hotels booking to earnings from advertising.

Our team is small yet. There are two of us:

Anna Slienzak – author of the idea and PR manager of the project

Dmytro Babych – the creator and manager of the project. The founder of self-named web-production studio, a resource which is involved in the design as needed.