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Privacy Policy

Babych Studio pays much attention to collecting personal data. We would like to ensure you that our app does not store, use or transmit personal data of its users. Please, read our Privacy Policy and do not hesitate to contact us if any question arises.

Privacy Policy

TripShaker is regulated by Dmytro Babych. Current Privacy Policy ("Policy" further) describes, which data do we collect about users of our application ("Users" or "You" further) and the way we use that data. Current Policy does not describes collecting and usage of data by third parties and sites, that are present in the application and that are not controlled and do not belong to Babych Studio.

To describe the main principles of current Policy we use such terms:

"Personal Identifying Information" - information, that definitely identifies You (i.e. e-mail, name or address);
"Anonymous Information" - information, which is not enough to identify User. Anonymous Information can also be "collective" or "de-personalized" information, which is collected by Studio and is related to Application usage and does not contain any information, that identifies User.

Collecting information

Studio collects and stores minimum required Personal Identifying Information to provide personal services and features for Users such as:
- personal profile;
- storing personal saved trips;
- cross-platform sync of trip data.

That information may include:
- e-mail;
- user name;
- encoded password;
- facebook user id.

Personal Identifying Information is collected only by obvious forms and User can personally control such data collection. Studio doesn't reveal or transmit Personal Identifying Information to any third party.

Studio collects and stores Anonymous Information about times and ways Application is used to improve it. Studio reserves right to reveal and transmit Anonymous Information collected with Application to the third parties.

Studio can use third party instruments to process certain Anonymous Information that cannot be used to identify You. Such information can include:
- parameters of User's device, including IP-address, MAC-address and unique device identifier (UDID)
- operating system of device and firmware
- intensity of Application usage, number of viewed sections
- other non-personal information

Information disclosure in case of legal requirement

Studio reserves right to reveal certain information in case it will be required by current legislature or in case that we are sure that such revelation will be important to protect Studio rights in a court. Studio also reserves right to transfer collected data during Studio resctructuring as long as receiving party provides equal or more strict privacy policy than current Policy.

Third party sites

Application may contain links to third party sites. Studio does not control and therefore is not responsible for information, contents and privacy policy of those sites. Studio pays much attention to partners selection, nevertheless do not forget that current Policy does not work any more when you switch to the third party site.

Changes to current Policy

We do our best to improve quality of delivered services, that is why current Policy can be changed in view of technologies development. Studio reserves right to amend current Policy any time. We believe that such changes won't be significant, but there may be cases when more significant changes will be required. We ask you to check current Policy from time to time while using the Applicatoin.


If there is any question about current Privacy Policy, please contact us via e-mail:

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